December 2017

Sunday School Registration Form

Sunday School will begin on Sunday, September 10th. Please complete the registration form so that we can provide all that will be needed for each grade level. If you could send the completed registration to the church office or email it to Carla by September 1, that will be very helpful. As always, we welcome all of Christ's children to join us. New this year we would like for you to come down to see what we have done and also to sign out your child. This will help us get to know you and also for you to get to know all of the teachers. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Items Needed Donation

The church project is making great progress and expect to be finished in early 2018. Attached is a list of items that we need to purchase. These costs were not included in the building estimate and are needed to finish the project. We are asking you to look at these items, find one or more that speaks to you and donate money towards that purchase. Please tell us if the donation is in someone's honor or in someone's memory. We gladly accept all donations large or small. This is one of those moments that come along only a few times in our lives. We are making the largest change that this church has seen in five decades. Please join in and be a part of this as well. Thanks in advance for your support. Please check with Bill Messersmith ( if you have any questions about the donation process. Donations may be mailed in or placed in the offering plate on Sunday mornings, along with a donation form. Donation forms are on the the bulletin board at church.

Time and Talent

There are many ways to help here at church, including volunteering in various activities. Please look at the Time and Talent sheet and let us know where you'd be willing to help. Completed forms may be placed in the offering basket during worship. Thank you for sharing your time and talents!